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Work continues on "The Wizard." What's The Wizard you ask? The Wizard is the working name I've given to a rosewood dread with heavy figuring on the back plates that creates the impression of a wizard or a spider. In fact, if viewed intently many different images can be found within. I had intended to blog about this entire build from the beginning here in the Tonelog but I have so may pictures and video clips of the process, I'm considering using the material in a different way. Perhaps a dedicated blog, or video gallery.

I found this rosewood back and side set and was inspired to undertake this build. I'm basing it on my Yamaha FG 345 which I've been intending to pay homage to by "replicating" its dimensions and styling. To date, I've built the form, bent and built the sides, created the back plate and am in the middle of bracing the top. I've also laminated and roughed out two neck blanks of mahogany, maple, and rosewood.

Moving forward, I'll try to blog regularly and more frequently with tons of pics and great info about the projects currently under way. Speaking of current projects, the poplar 3/4 conga is nearing completion. I decided to go with a jet black gloss finish. Sprayed on first coat of flat black to get a look at the initial finish yesterday. I'll post pics in a future post as in comes along.

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