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Tonelog: An Old Friendship Renewed

I recently decided that it was time to rekindle a lifelong friendship that had been too long neglected. This Yamaha FG 345 is my first love. It isn't my first guitar, that distinguished honor belongs to a Spanish style classical no name guitar I bought for $8 at a junk shop when I was around ten. I didn't acquire this guitar until much later in life after going through a student sized acoustic that I never learned on and an entry level strat knockoff that I ended up trading in for the FG. I learned all the basics playing these other guitars but I never made music until I met this guitar. She was my constant companion threw the college years.

We played our first gigs together at the bar we lived above with our first girlfriend who we serenaded together. Camp outs, concerts, and jam sessions, we played together for years until a new band required onboard electronics to better cut through and I moved on to sleek new acoustics with high end pickups. I've played dozens of guitars since then, but I always seem to compare each one to the ethereal tones of this FG. She's hard to play theses days and has some road wear, particularly around the sound hole and on the peg head, along with a few chips and scuffs, but the neck, fret board, frets, tuners, and bridge are all in very good condition as is the finish.

There's also an old pickup system and metal strap pin I installed decades ago in my amateur luthing days. I'll be removing all this nonsense and trying to bring her back to as close to original as possible. Some patch work and touch ups along with a new bone nut and saddle, fret board leveling and fret job, and complete set up and final polishing should have us singing together again in short order. I'm anticipating doing some side by sides with my other "friends."

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