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Tonelog: Build Updates and Another Cool Jig

Completed the back plate a few days ago. After installing the pre-shaped and radiused braces in the prescribed locations, I used the block plane to thin and shape them. I cut at a very steep angle to reduce weight and increase resonance while maintaining maximum strength. After creating the desired profile, I carved away some more material at the ends to further increase the responsiveness of the plate.

I spent more than an hour carving and tap testing, completing the bracing with a light sanding before moving on to install the reinforcing strips between the braces. I normally install the reinforcing strips first, then cut the channels for the braces, but I chose to reverse the process this time as I didn't have lengths of spruce off cuts long enough to span the entire distance. It made the braces much easier to carve and shape, but it was tedious to cut, shape and glue each strip individually. Work on the rosette in the top plate is proceeding as well. I'll have pictures and an update on the top plate in the next log entry.

Work on The Rosewood Wizards neck continues as well. I had to wait for delivery of a new router bit before I could get the truss rod jig set up to cut the channel. The jig is ingenious in its simplicity. The neck is centered and held firmly in place from underneath.

A slot running down the center of the top side of the jig is used in conjunction with the template guide on the router to produce perfectly straight cuts at precise depths. With the new, proper sized bit, I was able to create a very snug truss rod channel to the exact depth I needed. I've begun work on the head plate and will have updates on that in the next log.

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