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Tonelog: More progress and a new peg head inlay design.

With the top and bottom plates of the Maple Walnut concert guitar completed, I've moved on to the sides which started with thicknessing. The pieces of walnut started out at around 4 mm. I used the drill press planer to slowly take them down to around 2.5 mm. The process went slowly because the curl in the grain made some areas impossible to plane by hand and difficult to plane, even with the drill press planer. Patience and technique eventually won the day as they usually do. I finished preparing the sides for bending by scraping and sanding them down to around 2 mm thick.

Work on the peg head of The Rosewood Wizard continued with inlaying the maple diamond crown jewels. This is the new and, I hope, final peg head marquee design. It's required me to rethink my inlay process but the results have exceeded my expectations so far.

I started by using the exacto knife to outline the entire area before routing as much as possible to the right depth. Some fine chisel and knife work took care of the rest. After some final fitting and detailing, I was able to glue in the diamonds and create the peg head marquee. I filled the spaces left in the design with rosewood saw dust, collected during the sanding of the back and sides, and ca glue. After scraping and sanding, the result is a beautiful peg head inlay of the crown jewels.

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