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Tonelog: Progress on all Fronts

Work on the FG 345 is nearing completion. The electronics have been removed and the hole left in the side has been patched with a piece rosewood. It doesn't match the color of the sides well and there is damage to the area causing the sides to be somewhat pushed in, but the patch is solid and the finish blends well enough. The chip out in the top near the edge was easily repaired with a little coloring followed by drop filling with ca glue and several thin coats of lacquer in between sanding with fine grit wet dry paper to get an almost imperceptible repair. I was able to fix the sound hole damage with wood fill but have had some difficulty color matching it to the top. It's in far better shape now than it was and the damage wont continue to spread. I performed a complete fret job and fret board leveling after re-gluing a piece of loose binding on the neck near the nut. The truss rod responded beautifully and final setup is proceeding. All that remains is to cut and shape a new bone nut and saddle, set it up, and final polishing.

Work on the maple walnut concert guitar this week primarily concerned installing and shaping the top plate bracing. It went very well and tap testing produces very tight, resonant tones. Interestingly, the top plate lost much of its radius as the shaping and contouring of the braces caused them to loosen up and give way to the plates natural desire to be flat. I'll try to put some radius back into the plate when I do the initial sanding with 220 by feathering the edges and reducing the thickness there which should loosen the plate a bit and allow the braces to pull back some radius.

Finally, I'm using the new head stock design for the first time on The Rosewood Wizards neck and it looks great. It's easier to cut out and shape than the old design and its far more subtle and classic looking. I couldn't be happier with how it's turning out. With the truss rod cut out, the peg head veneer installed and the peg head shaped, all that's left is to inlay the diamonds in the peg head crown, cut out the truss rod access and begin rounding the neck before fitting the dovetail and glue up.

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