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Tonelog: Progress Updates

The Wizard build is moving along quickly. The end wedge, binding, and purfling have all been added and the box is complete. All that remains is to scrape the bindings and sand the entire surface. The next step will be to route the dovetail for the neck joint.

Work on The Hummingbird nears completion. The bridge re-glue wasn't difficult, however the pick guard presented some typical difficulties. Removal required extreme measures as it was originally glued to fresh wood with CA glue which welded the plastic purfling to the plastic pick guard making separation challenging. In the end, several pieces of binding with pieces of wood attached needed to be re-glued to the sound board before it was

possible to prepare the area. I had to make a choice here. The pick guard shrank and pulled away from the top damaging the finish that had been left under the edges. The finish being left under the edges of the pick guard is a factory thing which contributed to the failure and also looked odd in the places where the darkness of the finish beneath would show through the opaque red pick guard.

I had to decide whether I should reattach it as was or "fix it." I decided to fix it which required that I trace and carefully scrape away the finish in certain areas before applying several coats of sealer to protect the fresh wood and build up and even the surfaces. After all that, the reattachment went smoothly. I scraped the glue residue off the back of the guard and used double sided tape to set it back in place. Final set up and detailing is under way and we should be singing together later today.

Finally, The Maple Walnut concert guitar is going to be beautiful. The back is complete with curly maple wedge and back strips. It looks great. The top is being joined at the writing of this blog and the sides will be bent sometime this week. I'm considering using this guitar in some kind of promotional giveaway to drum up interest in The Toneworks so stay tuned in to the blog and check out the gallery for a closer look at these and other builds.

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