• Don

Tonelog: Starting a new project

I recently acquired several pieces of walnut and have been wondering how to use them. They're book matched side sets without backs. I've wanted to do a walnut build for a while now and I've decided that, with a little creativity, I can use one set to create a three piece Maple Walnut back and the other as sides for a concert sized Acoustic. I've had an Adirondack spruce top set, too small to make a dread, in storage for a while waiting for just such a project.

The build started with designing and joining the back plate. As the walnut isn't wide enough on its own and I've been wanting to do a three piece back recently, I thought a curly maple wedge would make a great counterpoint to the darker walnut and give me enough width to make the lower bouts.

I'm thinking curly maple binding with a walnut peg head and maple inlays on a possibly walnut neck. I've never built a walnut neck but my research indicates that if done right it should be a beautiful one. Check out the clip below to see how the three back plates were attached.

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