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Tonelog: The Rosewood Wizard comes together, a vintage refurb begins, and new tools for the shop.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Rosewood Wizard closed up well. The radius of the back plate made it difficult to get the waist glued up on the first try. It was nessesary to re-glue and clamp the area before routing the back plate flush with the sides. Had to wait for new router bits to arrive before routing the binding channels. More on that later in this post. Used the shops brand new bending iron (more on that later as well) and the cutoffs from building the mold to pre-bend the curly maple bindings.

I acquired a mid 70's Gibson Hummingbird a while ago from a pawn shop. It appears to have been in storage for decades and wasn't played much back in the day. The frets are like new and the fret board has no visible signs of wear. Everything is solid and the finish, though cracked and crazed in some places from age and careless storage, particularly the head stock, is in excellent condition. The storage conditions also caused the bridge and pick guard to lift. I've started by removing both completely and preparing the areas for reattachment. The bridge came off easily with no tear out at all but I had to place, trace, and remove a lot of finish that had been left under the edges at construction before re-gluing. No doubt this contributed to the bridge lifting. It's the same for the pick guard.

The shop has turned a corner this weekend. I've broken down and bought a bending iron. For years, I've used an iron pipe and a torch to do the bending and though it's worked, it takes a lot of time and patience to bend large pieces with such a small surface area. As I have several builds planned and time is becoming an issue, it made sense. The shop also got a new router bit this weekend. The purfling that I'm planning for The Wizard made it necessary to acquire a deeper rabbet cutting bit. Any excuse for new toys, right!

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