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Tonelog: Ups and Downs

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Work on The Wizard has reached a milestone. The top has been completed, including the installation of a maple bridge plate and ebony sound hole binding. The bracing has been carved and scalloped to reduce weight and begin "sounding" the guitar. Tap testing produces a nice ring in the center at the bridge plate, and richer, very even, bass tones around the edges. It's been attached to the sides and will need further sounding before the body is closed up sometime in the next few days.

Attachment was nearly flawless. After routing the channels for the bracing, the top dropped right into place and glue up went quickly and easily with very little clean up required.

On the down side, two other projects have ended, one with a bang, the other with a fizzle. A vintage arch top being refurbished has become a lost cause. It's been found that damage caused by previous "repairs" will require complete disassembly of the body and extensive rebuild of the block prior to removing the neck and resetting it, all of which are cost prohibitive. This project will be shelved for now. And, in a split second of carelessness and incredible happenstance, the 3/4 conga was destroyed when it slipped from the bench while being sealed with sanding sealer hitting the concrete floor in such a way as too shatter the shell into several pieces making repair impractical.

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