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Welcome to The Toneworks

If you've found this particular off-ramp from the information highway you're either lost or interested in acoustic instruments. If it's the latter, I hope you'll find this blog and the web site informative and even entertaining. The Toneworks is the product of a decades long love of all things acoustic. It is my considered opinion that music is best expressed and experienced in its rawest form, live and in person with no techno wizardry to shape and polish the sound. Nothing against electric guitars and keyboards, massive sound systems and the whole world of sampling, synths, and the rest of it, I just prefer the simplicity and range of expression possible when a musician plays acoustically. In fact, with very few exceptions, I can think of no song of any genre that can't be more powerfully expressed acoustically. I think of how "Unplugged" changed rock and roll with incredible versions of some of the most iconic rock songs rearranged as acoustic classics. I've played to thousands behind a massive sound system and with friends around the campfire, and by far the impromptu acoustic jam always makes for the most fun and the best music. Anyway, this love of acoustic music has led to the creation of The Toneworks and this blog. I hope to fill the site with instruments and information to inspire, and use the blog to spread my passion to a world that could benefit from less talk and more music making. I welcome input and suggestions offered from the heart. Haters will be ignored. I'll be updating the site regularly and hope to post regularly as the site grows. There's still much to do, but I wanted to get up and going as soon as I could. Thanks for your interest in The Toneworks and spread the word if you'd like to help spread the music!

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