To play its very best, every stringed instrument needs to be setup correctly and will periodically require routine maintenance to remain in top condition.  Clarity, sustain, intonation, and play-ability can all be improved with the proper setup, and routine maintenance can catch small issues before they become big problems.  Each setup is specific to the instrument being worked on, but all stringed instruments have some commonalities.  A setup begins with a complete inspection of the instrument inside and out to determine overall condition, after which a comprehensive report outlining any issues found, along with possible remedies, is generated for your information.  A Fresh set of top end strings is included in the price of every setup, or BYO favorite brand and take $5 off.  Below you'll find a pricing sheet for setups and other routine maintenance.


    all adjustments are done if applicable and only when necessary

*12 string guitars add $25

  1. Tighten Hardware

  2. Contact Clean Electronics

  3. Replace Battery

  4. Change Strings

  5. Adjust Truss Rod

  6. Adjust Saddle/bridge Height

  7. Adjust Nut Slot Depth

  8. Adjust Intonation

  9. Tune To Concert Pitch (hold 24 hrs)

  10. Final Sound Check


  • Clean and Re-String $20 + strings

  • Contact clean electronics and change battery $15 battery included

  • Drum head cleaning and conditioning $35

  • Mechanically tuned drum head cleaning, conditioning and re-tuning $55

  • Rope tuned drum head cleaning conditioning and re-tuning $85 & up


      all adjustments are done if applicable and only

when necessary

*12 string guitars add $25

  1. Clean Instrument

  2. Tighten Hardware

  3. Polish Hardware

  4. Lubricate Tuning Keys

  5. Contact Clean Electronics

  6. Replace Battery

  7. Dress Nut, Saddle, and Fret Ends

  8. Polish Frets

  9. Oil Fret Board

  10. Oil Bridge

  11. Change Strings

  12. Adjust Truss Rod

  13. Adjust Saddle/bridge Height

  14. Adjust Nut Slot Depth

  15. Lubricate Nut Slots

  16. Adjust Intonation

  17. Tune To Concert Pitch (hold 24 hrs)

  18. Polish

  19. Final Sound Check